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Weekly Events


Every Sunday from 6-10pm

  • 6-7pm Introductory Tango dance class
  • 7-8pm Argentine Tango music open rehearsal
  • 8-10pm Tango dancing with live music sets
ENJOY a mellow Sunday evening at San Francisco's original Epresso House since 1956!

Café Trieste
1667 Market Street @ Gough Street, SF
FREE with food and drink

Call (415) 661-1852 for updates

Come watch, listen, or join in the dance! All levels and ages are welcome.

Tango Revolution is a neighborhood educational and social project to provide anyone the opportunity to learn and experience the social aspect of Argentine Tango dance and music.

By holding the event in an accessible cafe on a Sunday afternoon we encourage the spontaneous inclusion of music and dance in our everyday life as a communal experience

Because of this accessibility, many people who would be unlikely to venture into a "Milonga" ("Tango Party") now have the opportunity to try out the social aspect of a dance that seems difficult and which they may only have witnessed from film and stage. For many it is an eye opener of what Argentine Tango is about as they experience the dance the way it is danced in Argentina.

This is a place where people can take an introductory dance class with Sonja Riket or practice their dance in a relaxed non-intimidating atmosphere. Non-dancers can watch the moves and immerse themselves in the beautiful tango music. It is also the place where Tango musicians and dancers have been able to try out their first public performance in an informal, yet supportive, environment.

Argentine Tango, a social dance and music of immigrants, continues to cross the boundaries of race, culture, language, and social status. What better way to connect with each other across our differences than through the nonverbal power of an embrace?! Tango Revolution is the place to begin realizing this idea in community.

We hope that Tango Revolution continues to be a fertile ground for learning about Argentine Tango; where both beginning and accomplished dancers/musicians can share the floor without an obvious hierarchy; where all gender pairings are encouraged and anyone may ask anyone to dance; where women may choose to lead and men may choose to follow; where we find the beautiful connection between human beings in a Tango Embrace as a common language and antidote against the isolation, separation, and fearful existence we are led to believe is necessary.

A comment from a regular Tango Revolution dancer: "As a recent addition to the Bay Area, I was delighted to discover this unique event. It is the most accessible tango event in the city and the only place I have found that makes it possible to enjoy tango with non-dancers".

We extend an open invitation to aspiring tango musicians to jam together and practice their skills with the dancers in a receptive and energetic environment.


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