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Movement Roots

A Somatic Lab

For movement artists, dancers, performers, musicians, singers, bodyworkers, yoga practitioners and teachers and anyone interested in learning how to move more freely and effectively through life.


Soma: is the Greek word for the living body experienced from within.

This workshop is an experiential movement laboratory to explore and investigate how each of us have organized our earliest developmental movement patterns (from pre-birth to walking) and their potential for growth, learning and expression in our daily lives.

Utilizing the body as our primary vehicle for learning, this Lab will offer you the tools you need to deepen your relationship to your soma- your most intimate home, your embodied sense of Self. Special attention will be given to how we relate to the Ground.

Through movement explorations based on human developmental patterns, guided attention and hands-on exercises, sourcing from the Body-Mind Centering® somatic method www.bodymindcentering.com, we will discover what helps us find more efficient body alignment and optimal functioning for injury prevention, retraining, performance enhancement and creative expression in our profession, passion and daily life.

At the end of the workshop, time permitting, we may explore how the material and principles fit into the basic movements of different dance styles (such as Tango, Flamenco, African, Indian, and other dances). You can first watch and try to recognize the building blocks and alphabet of movement, which we have been working with in the workshop, and see how they underlie integrated, effortless and graceful dance movements. You are then invited to participate and let your body slowly find the movement combinations from within.

Please, wear loose comfortable clothing you can move in.

Please call (415) 661-1852 for current and upcoming workshops.

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